Lucy VERIFIED: Meet Kat.


This week we are meeting Kat. Hey Kat. You guys probably don’t know Kat because she is my friend – but I’m pretty sure you wish you did. For the last year old mate has been calling Berlin her home, getting firmly around all things life – and generally causing a ruckus.

Here are a few things you need to know about her:

  1. Kat has this adorable Scottish accent – which isn’t impossible to understand. (I’m unsure if you aware how much of a unicorn you are, Kat.)
  2. Sometimes she has light pink hair, which looks like fairy floss. But when it doesn’t look like fairy floss – IT STILL LOOKS GOOD. This is remarkable – because the rest of the population who rock this look just resemble something from the 90’s – in a non-cool way.
  3. She is surprisingly funny on twitter – which on a global scale is rare. Mostly people are idiots – Exhibit A.
  4. Kat plans for big weekends by making some delicious form of stew to get her through those really dark hung over hours of lazy and hungry. Unlike me, who will just eat a bag of potato chips and wonder why everything is still so sorry. What she does is equal part genius and orgnanised – like a Scout.
  5. Femme likes good Gin and isn”t a wanker about it. Have you met Gin drinkers? UN-I-CORN.

In October we had a revelation that there must be some noteworthy Berlin’er bachelors out there reading my blog…. SO! One week of every month we’re introducing one of my eligible femmes to the Internet; the week they are intro’ed you will find us at bar of our choice, from 9-11P.

Are you free this Friday? Come meet Kat (and me… and probably Bron) at Geist im Glas (Lenaustr. 27). They have beer, they have wine, they have cocktails (which I will buy for Kat for being such a great sport) AND it’s right around the corner from Gel Gor which has excellent Köfte – you’re welcome.

Even if you don’t want to date our mate Kat – come for a beverage, we can label it an after work drink…. A “meet up”! God only knows Berlin loves their meet ups.

See you Friday.



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