Lucy is… going through manic, right now.


Wanting things you can’t have – makes me want to stab someone.

And it’s on the daily at the moment. So, I am going through major major manic, and it needs to go away – right now. I have been trying to think of ways to solve this, and all I can think of is exercise – because then I am so exhausted I can’t feel manic anymore.

I think I need a distraction, like a proper emotional distraction – options are:

  • find a short term boyfriend
  • find a short term fling (likely more fun than above boyfriend option – but with manic comes needy – so anticipate it will morph into the above)
  • buy new clothes (momentary distraction – but long term results of feeling good in my new clothes)

And that is actually all I have – needs to be emotional distraction (clothes = emotional, yes – seriously) – because my manic is totally rooted in emotional shit. Now, let’s not get too excited – I am in no way depressed, I just feel manic  which is sort of the same as feeling anxious. I feel anxious, and what that feels like to me is like butterflies in my stomach for no reason – and wanting something to happen but not knowing what. It’s uber frustrating.

It makes me want to eat my feelings

MAKE IT STOP (because eating is counter productive to my extreme exercise regime)


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