LUCY ASKS SNØFFELTØFFS: How do I actually find a German part time boyfriend?


This week we are trying something different, this week we have Lucy Asking the question to…Julian and Florian two dudes that make up SNØFFELTØFFS. Native Berliner’s they have been bringing the rock’esque vibe to Berlin for some time. One holds a guitar, the other splits his talents around a bass, the drums – and sometimes an organ and/or a kazoo. (What the fuck is a kazoo?)

Not my usual vibe of “disco” – I can somehow get right around this quick bit of “Garage Punk Rock’n’Roll” – makes me think of Australia, and surfing…and that movie where they wear famous president masks, rob banks and then go ride the perfect wave on Bells Beach, to die. Romantic?

These boys are hitting the stage tonight for 8MM 10 year celebration for themselves, and Berlin’s underground rock scene. Get all the gritty details on this weeks What’s Up. After the jump you are going to find two things:

  1. Me asking the question, for our re-directional Ask Lucy!
  2. Their video for Pretty Girl.

They didn’t quite answer my question, but – if I read between the lines – I think they are prepositioning themselves as the answer.

Things I can vibe? That.

Dear Snøffs –

I am always advising on how to woo a German dude, as an Australian femme – which to be honest probably isn’t accurate information. I am 24/7 in search of a part time boyfriend – and if we get right to the center of it, I would really like them to be a Deutscher.

It’s not that I don’t like any other nationalities, I really am an equal opportunist. It’s just that I’m an Australian, living in Germany. And as they say – when in Rome, do as the Romans do!

So talk me through this. You’re dudes – I like dudes: Do you have a top 5 tips list on finding dudes. Or is it not that scientific?

Love Lucy

Dear Lucy Lu,

Giving advice on how to find a partner would be a bit hypocritical at the moment. The only working relationship we know of is the “Snøff and Tøff” aka “ernie and bert” – old married couple relationship we have.

Having spent so much time together since we started this project made us seriously consider getting engaged for tax reasons or as you say in deutsch “eingetragene Lebenspartnerschaft“.

How about discussing this rather delicate topic over some coffee and cigarettes some time soon?

We’d love that!

Hugs ‘n’ kisses,

Julian and Florian



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