LUCY ASKS KILL J: I struggle getting over ex-boyfriends, hilf MIR!


Cornflakes, have you met Kill J? I’m sure you have, she pretty much blew up the internet 2 weeks ago. But to cover all bases – let’s do a quick intro. This is Kill J….Hi. Hailing for the fair shores of Denmark, femme has some pretty wild hair and a sound that can melt the coldest of hearts.

Phoenix is the one and only track that this one has released – and maybe one track isn’t even enough to go by, but I’m drinking the Kool-aid – in big gulps. You know the thing is, when I listen to old mate – it makes me feel slinky. Maybe this is a bit weird,  maybe it doesn’t make much sense – but it makes me tense up my shoulders – give a great big sigh and slink around the places, in dark corners..

I think it’s because somehow this song feels slightly sinister, with a very big edge of sexy. And there really isn’t much sexier than dark corners, and slinking.. OK – so probably there are lots of things sexier than that, like firemen saving kittens, and European soccer players – but this is doing some pretty wild things to my insides, so let’s just agree.

This last week I asked Kill J about her thoughts and feelings on my pash and dashing habits, when it comes to getting over boyfriends past – find that, and her track Phoenix after the jump.

Sorting out (my) life problems, one week at a time.


Dear Kill J –

The only way I know how to get over ex-boyfriends is to suck face with new part time ones. Momentarily – this is a good idea, but I’m thinking maybe there is a better way for me to move forward that doesn’t involve simply sucking face with strangers.

That said – kissing dudes is sort of fun, so it’s a bit of a double edge sword. I feel a small amount of judgement from my EU counterparts because I want to lock lips with most (good looking) things that move and this is not really done here. But in the same vein – it’s a good time had!

Got any pearls of wisdom?

Love Lucy

Dear Lucy

I have absolutely no pearls of wisdom on that one. Now that being said, let me give you some advice!

I believe you should be sucking as many strangers faces as you want to. Whatever other people think is… whatever people think. As long as you are comfortable and having fun, I say, just have at it! And besides, remember you are in Europe now. We´re known for our liberal ways and free thinking women.

However, all this frisky business can be a great way to dull the stings from a broken heart, but in the long run it might be a good idea to sort the stuff out that needs…. sorting (?)

My advice: Sort it out, then keep on suckin´!!

Love Kill J



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