Lovers day – as romanced by me.


I don’t have a Valentine this year – maybe I do, I don’t really know. But it’s not something I will lose sleep over. I feel like there are always holdays, and celebrations for people in couples. And maybe that’s because being single is sort of a holiday everyday. I mean – I don’t have to answer to anyone, not that I would I don’t think if I was coupled – I mean it’s not really my style to ‘obey’ in the do this/ do that sense. And I can hecticly roll around until it gets boring, with anyone/ everyone – not that I necessarily would > but I can without hesitation.

Having said that, I’m not anti this Valentines Day- I think deep down everyone wants a rose, a text message, a bullshit someecard which says “Don’t forget that blow jobs are like flowers for men.” Obviously, romance is not dead. I won’t sob into my pillow, because this didn’t happen – but it would be nice if it did (my email is – quickly, send me an ecard)

I do love a good event – anything themed gets my little heart racing. So – I made a list of Valentines Day jams – some cheesy, some recommended by my housemates, and some just because they are epic, and lovely/ vastly inappropriate therefore – totally appropriate.

Embrace Valentines Day – and maybe give someone you are sexually attracted to a hug, it’s only in the spirit.


Go Do – Jonsi

Damn, Wish I was your Lover – Sophie B. Hawkins

As Long as you Love me – Backstreet Boys

Without You – Rainbow Arabia

Valentine – Jessie Ware & Sampha

Wait – Ying Yang Twins

Ungirthed – Purity Ring

and maybe a bit of Biebz – because he is Valentines Day – swoon.


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