I’m one of those really weird people that actually likes LA. I like the vibe. The people of Los Angeles live the good life, with delicious produce, fabulous bars, great restaurants, and BEAUTIFUL (fake) people. The only real thing about it, and this is obviously what everyone says, is the driving. The driving is killer.

If you do by chance hit LA – you need to rent a car. This is not even me being over Americanized/ Australianised thinking that we should drive everywhere – it’s just life there. Their public transport is a mess, and their city is sprawled over like 60km – say it with me.. Fuck that.


Thirsty Crow – located further east on Sunset Blvd, this is a tiny bar next to a vege friendly restaurant. Dinner then drinks ? DON’T MIND IF I DO.

Local – great when you want to grab a nice, well made cocktail. At Christmas time it’s all about Hot Toddies, or when the summer comes (BAH – as if LA isn’t like 24/7 summer) get a Mint Julep.

Los Globos – just across the street from Local, so if you want to go dancing – this is your spot. By day it used to be a salsa club (back in the day) but now caters to events like Rhonda or guest appearances by Moby.

** TIPS: You can always feel safe in the fact that someone is selling a bacon wrapped hotdog outside any of these venues. God bless America.


Intelligentsia – located in the heart of the Sunset Junction , this is a great place to observe the “hipsters” of Silverlake. In addition to their delicious direct trade coffee, they’ve got great tea and free wi-fi.

Along Sunset here, you can find the  music label Dangerbird, Pazzo Gelato – for dairy-full and dairy-free gelatos, the Good Microbrew – serves tons of good beers and a mystery beer on Wednesdays. There is also the 4100 Bar – it’s pretty divey, but their eclectic Indian decor may say otherwise.


The Hollywood Sign – If you speak to people of Los Angeles – they don’t care abou the Hollywood sign – fine, ok. But tourists, let me share something – you need to tick some boxes here. As much as you can’t really get up there right at it, you mostly can drive almost there, or if you stay somewhere like the Roosevelt, you should be able to see from your room – TICK.

Hotel Bar – It might be poser, it might be a bit not cool – but frankly I don’t care. If you don’t live in LA the whole celebrity, who’s who scene is like an episode of reality television – and their literally is no better place to watch it all unfold than some hotel bar. Although – it’s probably just real estate wankers from the OC at these places, it still gives you a great insight into the LA culture, which I think is a tourism attraction in itself.

Venice Beach – I kind of don’t love the Boardwalk down at Venice Beach – and it always seems to be foggy there – which is tres disappointing. However – this is where the freaks and geeks alike can be found. See it – tick the box, and move on to Abbot Kinney.

Abbot Kinney – Intelligensia, Lemonade, and boutique shopping. This is just a nice place to be. Spend a couple of hours – see some things, and take in the life that you imagine  Carole from Californication was living in Season 1.


L&E Oyster Bar – along Silver Lake Blvd just finished it’s upgrading so there’s a second floor to accommodate all the oyster lovers out there. They’ve got a really good selection of oysters despite not being on the westside and they accompany their seafood with a decent wine collection.

Down the street from the oyster bar is The Satellite which has a lot of local bands performing, but also has the little gem performances every now and then by Local Natives of Jenny Lewis.

Cliff’s Edge – great upscale restaurant that’s tucked away next to a 99 Cent store on Sunset and Edgecliff. Don’t be fooled by it’s location, it’s seriously delicious.

Mohawk Bend – in Echo Park, close to the actual Park there, they accommodate vegans and non-vegans with excellent eats, from local farms and what not, and a healthy dose of fantastic beers on tap, which include brewskies from Golden Road Brewery, a local brewery. This place used to be an old theater, kinda cool.

Golden Road Brewery – So Golden Road Brewery partnered up with the Mohawk Bend owner and started this little gem. It’s located just north of Silverlake, almost Glendale area, and they’ve got a tons of beers on tap… We think they may have brewery tours. It runs along the train tracks and they’ve got this “tradition” now of toasting every time a train rolls by. Sweet.

Hyperion Public – located in Silverlake, it’s got the same thing that Mohawk has going on, which is fresh and local eats served in a pub-like atmosphere. Great fresh foods and also a great wine and beer menu.

In n Out – Research the secret menu – and have a good time. It’s a CA/ UT/ NV institution, still privately owned by a bunch of Mormons or Christians.. Let’s just say “religious types”.

Lemonade – this place is the tits. Honestly. It’s kind o fall healthy, but it’s delicious buffet style healthy – and they have really fun round ice pieces that go in your drink, which is kind of delightful.

Umami Burger – Best burger I have had in like, forever. Seriously, you can eat enormous shit burgers across America. Or you can get fucking excellent ones with really well thought out ingredients. Enter Umami Burger, Burger Porn.


Moo Dae Po 1 or 2  are solid Korean BBQ places with a lot of sensory stuff going on.

Road to Seoul is a close second.


This is LA, there is Mexican food everywhere. However – our two favs are Cactus on Beverly but Yucca is also cool, if you are scared of diversity and don’t want to venture into areas of your beaten path (AKA, where Cactus is located).


Baco Mercat/Bar Ama



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