Look MUM – I’ve managed to meet famous people: Hallo, RHYE.


Unless you have been under a musical rock for like the last year – you are gonna know who Rhye is. I don’t mean to be a condescending bitch – but these kids are sort of no joke. Just in case you aren’t wised up – here are your bullet points.

  1. Rhye is a Californian based band.
  2. They aren’t actually from CA at all (Canada/ Denmark respectively).
  3. They make sex music.

I don’t mean this in an offensive way at all – but honestly, if you listen to Rhye and don’t get an urge to hold someone in a tight embrace – there is something chemically wrong with you.

To recap, Bron and I will be going to Melt! for überlin, where Rhye will be playing. We will watch them and hopefully hold a stranger tightly, or at the very least one another.

Over the next 2 weeks you will meet some of the acts participating at the festival. This is the first installment of the series Look MUM – I’ve managed to meet famous people!!

There is music AND an interview after the jump, hit it.


LUCY: Rhye’n Gosling or Rhye’n Reynolds – explain?
RHYE: Gosling goes to my yoga studio. He’s from Canada.

LUCY: TWO PART QUESTION: Everyone seems to associate your music with baby making and or similar actives.

1. How do you feel about this?
RHYE: Fine

2. What’s your ultimate baby making track?
RHYE: Something on Tri Repetae Autechre

LUCY: You win a goldfish at a fair, what do you call it – why?
RHYE: Jerome. Just cause.

LUCY: If you were any person in history, who would you want to be? I think I would like to be that grumpy Internet cat, because I genuinely don’t like people.
RHYE: Dschinghis Khan

LUCY: Weapon of choice?

LUCY: If I said the year 1993 – what music first comes to mind? I’m all up on Salt n Pepa.
RHYE: 93 till infinite souls (…..I legitimately don’t know what this means – help me out? – Lucy)

LUCY: Hypothetical: We are stuck in the desert (yeah, you, me and a couple of coyotes), we have all that boring “life” stuff like water, food, fire wood etc. – what would you bring to the party. You are limitless. Be limitless.
RHYE: Tripod, camera and audio equipment

LUCY: If you had to drink water, plus one other drink – for the rest of your life – what would that one other drink be? Mine would probably be wine, any wine.

LUCY: Any guilty musical pleasures? Mine’s (currently) Mariah Carey – this is sort of ongoing.
RHYE: Never on the side of guilty

LUCY: Tell us anything you deem relevant.
RHYE: The moon is made of metal (….this is still largely unknown by scientists, Internet. – Lucy)



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