Living in a big city.. Sunday morning reflections.


Ok – so it is Sunday – 9:32AM in SF and I am currently sitting in bed listening to my neighbours, very noisely, have sex. Now look – to be honest – I dont want to listen to it. The first time I experienced the moments of passion between them – it made me feel wholly uncomfortable. However – now it seems just a regular occurence. Few points on bumping of uglies that goes on:

  1. The girl is faking it. I know this might be a sort of strange concept to men that think they bring the fury – but its sort of unnatural, the commotion, and also the crescendos of it all – its like it’s breaking point, and then not – and then is, and then.. no not. and then YES! but no. Make up your god damn mind.
  2. My room looks into sort of an internal light shoot for windows – so I look directly into my housemates room and then the neighbours next door and above all look into the light shoot also – I guess that is what happens in big cities – light shoots for buildings – anyway, I’m pretty sure I know which neighbour it is, but that is beside the point – the fact is that it is so loud that it often wakes up my housemate, I can clearly hear it from my room – at 9:32 in the morning, how do their housemates feel – I mean seriously, it must be pretty fucking loud in their apartment. Doesn’t that get awkward?
  3. Don’t people like things a little private – I mean you must understand that we can all hear you, right? I get that we live in a big city and it happens – people do it. But when you live in such close confines – don’t you think you would try and be a little bit quite most of the time.? not noisey all of the time.

So this has been going on for a while – and I was just going to quitely continue to read my book – but now it’s almost joke worthy, so thought I would do my bit and share.

I can’t really work out if I am just a prude – or whether this is inappropriate. I sort of feel like it’s inappropriate. Not that you shouldn’t have a gay ol’ time with your main squeeze – but there are times and places for loud noises. It sort of feels like theatrics I would have participated in as a kid, because that is what they do on Sex in the City (you know).


Perhaps invest in something to bite down on..?


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