Lissvik for LE WIN.


Eek face – you know what is delightful? This remix of Chad Valley’s Fall 4 U (feat. Glasserby Swedish outfit Lissvik.. That was a mouthful.

I don’t know why this transports me to such dreamy destinations – but it does as a point of gen. information.

Your mate (Lissvik) has 5 fans on Facebook – I die. I was number 6. You know when you feel like you might know something, you know – it appears you are in the inside crowd – that’s what #6 feels like. Totally-hectic.

I have legitimately never heard of this producer until I got a Swedish (I think?) only email in my inbox, with a link and lots of letters that look like this å and ö (Side note: How do you even pronounce those? My Australian brain boggles).

Seems boyfriend has also done a swift production of HAIM my number one girl group. DREAMY-AS.

SO – get on board the Lissvik train, you are in good company.


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