Life lessons from walking the streets, not in a prostitution type way.


I live in a area in SF which is heavily condensed with Latino folk. Which I love – don’t get me wrong, it is one of the reasons I moved to my area, because it is so different to that of Australia – a country where you think tacos, only come in hard shells – which are almost always made by a company called Old El Paso.

HOWEVER – men of the Mission – Just because I’m milky coloured, doesn’t me I don’t understand that you are being sexist pricks.

I am not flattered by you sticking your tongue out at me while whispering sweet Spanish nothing my way. Nor am I impressed when you slowly follow me in your car, with the window down.

You want to have a few words with me, get to know me better – talk to me in English (as I can barely order dinner in Spanish – so a whole conversation will not fly), while I am stationary – and please refrain from the tongue movements, it’s just fucking creepy.


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