Letters from Elizabeth: Let Down By Lanvin


So my friend Elizabeth has this wonderful fashion’esque blog over at Whatever We Do Next Will Be Fucking Brilliant. I don’t write on things fashiony, seriously.. I can’t. I’m just not a “live and breath fashion”. I would like to be, and I enjoy clothes – but I am too ADD to get worked up about it.. Enter Elizabeth. Who is fucking brilliant, move over from whatever you do next. We are doin’ it now. So read on – about Lanvins vom-worthy site – and all things Alber (dumpling in a bow tie)

“How can such craftsmanship on the catwalk translate to such an ugly website? Today’s case in point: Lanvin. Alber we love you. Just know that. Like a little buddha in a bow tie, we do love you. Anybody who can throw those dresses, the exposed zips and big hats down a runway in flats has a higher power in our books. Just like Karl did couture in flats, Alber did high fashion with sun hats (well they weren’t sun hats – more like a variation of the pilgrim preacher…)

But dear Alber you should bow your bow tie in shame at that Lanvin site.

It’s the colors. The content is great. Not ah-mazing, but quite good. Just like every other site. But the colors. Golly gosh. That mauve on brown blur is like diabetes for my eyes.*

What’s interesting here, is the appreciation for a simple color palette online. Must every high fashion site be anchored in every shade of black to white? This is a question to which I have no answer. Off hand, which of our fave brands look like a rainbow vomited on them? – None. I google “Christopher Kane” to no avail. He would be the only label to dive into and pull off internet rainbow vomit.

When I arrive at the Lanvin site, I leave. I’m not interested. So I revert back to style.com and wallow in a full screen video of the past collection. And as I watch Frida close and Alber waddle out post show – all love for Lanvin is restored.

Happy ending / True / Fact.

*Quote stolen from my colleague D. Bailey.

Lizzy – Whatever We Do Next Will Be Fucking Brilliant


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