Lessons with Lucy #6 // How to Weekend


Previously weekends for me were about recovery, from the night before. But currently I am on a no alcohol kick, and sort of loving it. Was only supposed to last the duration of January – but have extended, til I’m not sure when. I mean I am having a glass sometimes with dinner, or a cocktail (like serious cocktail, not just one spirit one soda mix drink) after dinner. But nothing major.

So my new lease on weekends is pretty simple:

  1. Take laundry to the wash ‘n fold, because I’m not wasting my precious weekend minutes on that shit
  2. Wash hair, but don’t dry with a blow drier. I am distorting my hair daily with this shit, lets have a break
  3. Hit the Mexican pousadas for groceries, I used to Wholefoods, but I want to go to SXSW so if that means getting shittier produce for the sake for $50 a week – so be it.
  4. Don’t wear make up. This isn’t that tricky. I don’t wear that much in the first place, so it sort of not a huge stretch. But it’s nice to not have shit on your face on the daily.
  5. Wear flip flops, because an impromptu mani-pedi is always divine. If you don’t live in CA you probably cant do this at this time of the year. Sucks.
  6. Eat fruit loaf with mascapone and strawberries – because it’s fucking delicious, and not something you would prepare on a week day AM
  7. Put your hair in a high bun, and wear a headband. Life is easier without the distraction of a pony tail
  8. Get a take away coffee and walk a shopping street. You don’t have to buy anything, it’s sometimes nice to just imagine the possibilities.
  9. Have a wine at 3pm because there is nothing sweeter than afternoon drinks
  10. Make a cured meat platter with cheese/ olives, and share with a mate

Do at least one of these – and you’re alright by me.


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