Lessons by Lucy 5# – flying (part 2)


When flying always remember to consider whether you need to bring all your liquids from home. Would it be cheaper to just pick up a few toiletries at your destination point? Easier, perhaps, than having to check you luggage at the airport.

Because once you commit to those liquids, that suitcase can get marginally hairy. There is nothing holding you back, now that your bag can go up to 20kg in weight.

I’m off to Austin for 2 days. I have 6 pairs of shoes, 5 dresses, 3 pairs of pants, 2 books, all my toiletries and much, much more.

I blame this partially on my boss, who made me miss my laundry pick up thus forcing me to last minute pack. But I also blame it on the airlines. 20kgs. Really?!

Secondly – alway get a drink from the airport bar. It might only be 10:46a in San Francisco, but it’s 12:46 in Austin. It’s called acclimatizing people, don’t judge.

The skies the limit.

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