Lesson by Lucy #3 // My bed, my sanctuary. Yes.


This is the list of what a bed needs – or better said, what my bed needs

  1. Waffle textured sheets/pillows – This is a must, they just feel cleaner, crisper and more decadent, if you have that bullshit t-shirt material business. get rid of it, it makes me think of bed bugs – and all things sweaty. Alternatively – just buy good sheets, tight arse.
  2. Doona’s (duvet/ comforter) not blankets – there is something about a light, yet heavy weight on you when sleeping which is somewhat irreplaceable.. I stopped sleeping at my parents house because they wouldn’t conform. Now, when I live overseas, it seems my mother has moved the storage room (AKA – Lucy’s bedroom) out to the 2nd garage, where it should have been all along, and organised a doona for me (on my bed, obvs.) – Sorry MJ, too little too late.
  3. Top sheets, in summer. I don’t actually really use a top sheet. Only in summer when i need something over me and it’s too hot for the beloved doona. This is because I’m sort of lazy so hate making the bed with one.
  4. Window open at night – this is a must (regardless of the season). Especially after a night on the booze. There is nothing worse than a stale air room. Vom-central.
  5. High bun for bed. None of that romantic wavy fly-away shit all over the pillow. My hair is up and ready for the business of sleeping.
  6. Diagonal sleeping, or partially diagonal – this is a new thing. Although, this may not be true, I may have done partially diagonal PRE-America, but I had a bigger bed, so it was likely less noticeable..
  7. Never  wear socks to bed. This is disgusting. If you get cold feet, buy a hot water bottle. But never never never socks, it just feels so unsanitary.
  8. Always buy Calvin Klein bed pants – don’t really care which top, but CK pyjama pants are divine – something to do with bamboo, or silk worms – but holy shit – it’s like crack in the form of sleepwear. It is unfortunate it is all made in China – but it feels nice.

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