LeBron James – I’ll be seeing you tonight babe. Heyyyy-yo.


I like LeBron James – not because he is like this mad skillz (yes with a Z) basketballer, but because people feel the need to call him by his First AND Last name. It would be like if people called me Lucy Jasper, all the time. Hey Lucy Jasper – how are you going? Lucy Jasper – did you want fries with that? Lucy Jasper what is your opinion on BMW vs. Mercedes? I mean – you sort of have to be a bit of a big deal for people to feel compelled to call you by your First AND Last name.

I’m off to watch the basketball tonight – Miami Heat vs. Golden State Warriors (who I used to think were called the Golden Gate Warriors – yes.) – pretty pumped. All American.. Right here!

There is only one song for this.

Hit Play.


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