LCMDF = party town and bubble tea.


Ok – so the bubble tea phenom – I don’t get it. I don’t like rice very much if we are honest, and I really only make myself eat it because it’s what skinny people do. So the thought of tea with little balls in it – makes me feel a bit.. not sure what.

HOWEVER – the thought of LCMDF hosted by Nordic by Nature with (possible) bubble tea at Prince Charles for their EP launch (30th October) – I can get behind. Other things I can get right around? Paranoia – which is their latest track and a free download currently on their Soundcloud.

I’ve never been one for “girl power” or the revival of the 90’s, which I think is because I lived that shit – and the 90’s where sort of awful, and girl power is sort of the anti feminism (I’m all for equality). However for some unknown reason, I could happily and probably enthusiastically girl power my face off to lady-faces jams like it ain’t no thang.

Side note on from this slash mostly off topic and this might be very un-power to the femmes of me. But girlfriends from LCMDF are totally babe’n. Way to procreate Finland.

Wanna be my mates, like yesterday?


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