Hey, Levi – we’ll give you a Lapp Dance in a minute


This next year the universe is bringing you the most exciting thing to come out of Europe probably ever (sorry Eurovision). You wanna know what that is? I’ll tell you. Lapp Dance: Berlin club culture, in Lappland. Sounds weird? I BET IT DOES – but it’s actually fucking awesome. For the last 2 weekends of January you will find a range of epic Berlin’ers playing music to a bunch of club kids, deep in the Lappland region.. More specifically Levi – a town of only 6000 people and one of the biggest ski resorts Finland has to offer.

Firstly – SIGN ME UP. Secondly – WTF. Really. I mean, festivals are cool. Music is fun, rah rah rah. But pair that with the northern lights, dog sledding, skiing, SAUNA ! What is there not to like about this experience. Literally this could be the coolest festival type situation you’ll hit all year. Nay – EVER.

The thing about this one, is it’s not some Visit Finland press trip that only bloggers can attended and sad face – anyone can get a ticket and join. There are a few different ticket options, from all inclusive airports/ hotels/ transfers/ food to simply a ticket to the event (perhaps you live in Levi – if you do, LET’S GET A DRINK !). All that ticket info is best broken down from the facebook page – so go there. I don’t really want to complicate things.

There are two weekends both offering a different array of musical cool.

KID SIMIUS (Live, Jirafa Records)
Ada (Irr, Areal, Kompakt Records, Pampa Records)
Local Suicide (Bordello A Parigi / Your Mom’s)
Reznik (Keinemusik)
Jens Balzer (DJ Certain People / Berghain)
Johann Fanger
Nordic by Nature
Jaakko Eino Kalevi
Molly Nilsson (DJ-set)
Touchy Mob
Sascha Schlegel
Linnea Palmestål
Shameless Limitless
Nordic by Nature

To say I’m only a little bit excited for this one would be an understatement, I’ve already started organising my clothes and planning my edgiest “I’m at the snow but also Scandinavian” looks. The hot tip?

Get this one on your Christmas wishlist.


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