Kindness is back, and he plays Berlin. Yes.


So – I’ve been stuck in a holiday hole for the last 2 weeks. Which means I missed the new Kindness track. I have mixed emotions about this – I don’t need to be hot fresh out the oven – FIRST ! but I feel a bit on the back foot. Then again -better late then never, right?

Cool things about new Kindness – this means touring. Other cool things? Old mate is making a stop in Berlin for First We Take Berlin which is coming to a venue near you on the 4/5th of September as part of Berlin Music Week. Who is going to be there? This guy.

World Restart features Kelela (who coincidentally plays Dimensions Festival in the coming weeks) and Ade. It’s jazzy AND delicious – everything you would expect from Kindness.

Get your ears around it.


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