Kilometers vs. Miles


I’ll tell you what cements that America is slightly more backwards than any other country – the fact that they use miles over kilometers. Shit that makes no sense – that. I didn’t really used to have a problem with it > but now, midway through this road trip it is effecting me.

Firstly – why would you go against the grain? I mean the rest of the WORLD uses kilometers. You arseholes. I now have to start thinking in a system that doesn’t even get used, because.. I mean I don’t even know why it makes sense to stay with the miles system.. It’s like old people purposefully not learning how to use a computer. Shit’s not going away > get a handle on it.

The second thing about miles is one mile is long. And that just sucks. 25 miles feels like it should take ~15 minutes because that is what I am used to with kilometers. But when it’s “only” 25 miles to your next stop – that feels like an eternity, because I (slash we) are thinking in kilometers – the distance where everything makes sense. Why torture yourselves with these small numbers that take forever? I have zero sense of achievement when I manage a 450 mile day, BUT if you told me it was a 725 kilometer day – I’d actually be pretty amp’ed with my efforts.

Do you see how you are bringing us all down? I mean – does this even make sense? I’m not sure who calls the shots with getting it switched over – but I’ll write the letter.

America – you need to get into 2012. Yesterday.


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