Karl X Johan are at it again, happiness prevails.


Karl X JohanCan we talk about how it is every God damn time with Karl X Johan? Every God damn time they release one itty bitty track, my insides just about melt, and then I go through a state of WILLING new music to miraclulously appear in my inbox from them. This hasn’t yet happened, as it seems the team is pretty happy keeping us waiting. But isn’t it worth it?

Just before I left for Iran I received Karl X Johan’s latest Never Leave Me in my inbox; The email pretty much read:

“Lucy, Your beauty is beyond compare, with flaming locks of auburn hair……Karl X Johan’s new single Never Leave Me will be released on June 4th on Emotion… We thought you might want to hear the song.”

I did want to hear the song, and I played it, like 1000 times at the airport… Then I touched down in Iran, my very dark times without Internet begun, and seemed to continue on into my days in Berlin – with O2’s inability to hook me up with internet in my new apartment without a 3 week wait (….what year are we in? How does it take 3 weeks to set up internet?!)

So – better late than never I must say. If you are on and around the Internet you would have heard this one, and if you haven’t? You are welcome. Because it’s a great track, that makes me want to hold you closer tiny dancer, quietly look out over a body of water and feel all sorts of perfect Swedish themed romance.

Never let me go Karl and Johan, ever.



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