Karana has some new music – soul satisfying.


So – this is not what I want to go to sleep to. Not because I’m not into it, but because I need to go to sleep. And Karana’s new tracks just make me want to disco.

I’m sure I should be listening to Bon Iver in an effort to reach the land of nod; but this appeared in the inbox – and I couldn’t really resist.

They have two (new) free downloads on their Soundcloud. I’m sort of all over Me to You – in a big way. It might be because I’m feeling the love me/ love you vibe at the moment, and obviously I’m a masochist as listening to this delight tortures me but in an almost “so painful it’s satisfying” way..

I’m a mess.

P.S If you didn’t catch the interview Mereki Beach and I had with them on Spreecast << watch it.


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