Jonquil, Jonquil, Jonquil, Jonquil – how do you think I pronounce that name, with an H or a J?


I have these conversations with friends all the time – “Do you think it’s Spanish and with an H sound – or with a J?” Now – as an Australian, I am not very good at this – for the longest time I thought it was Jose, like Josie and the Pussy Cats.. yeah.

Anyway – I am sort of feeling like this with a J – they are English sounding. So, I’m going with Jon-quil, like JONathan, , JONas Brothers, J-ehovah’s witnesses (you get my drift) – Listen listen listen – it’s pretty light, airy even.

AFTER THOUGHT: Perhaps it’s like YON-quil.. throwing me for six, you are – band who’s name I cannot pronounce.

Lovin’ it lovin it lovin’ it


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