January is OK & Ed Thomas is my everything.


I’m going through a pretty amazing January at the moment, which seems to contradict all these idiots in my newsfeed. Every man and their dog are complaining about how horrible it is. The weather, the nothing’ness of events, the overall lack of excitement and I think I’d have to dispute that.

My month to date is great:

  • The crazy ice all over Berlin has melted
  • It’s snowing
  • My apartment has good insulation
  • I’ve lost 2 kgs
  • I’m dating actual dudes, rather than fake ones.
  • I’ve started learning German, and I’m not terrible at it
  • Our blog party is happening on the 31st
  • This song by Ed Thomas came out.

Hurt has been on a some pretty solid rotation over here. To the point, I’m sitting thinking “Ed, if you asked me to breath with you – I would, immediately”.. I mean who wouldn’t? It’s so fucking smooth and sexy it’s hard not to get wrapped up in all the good’ness.

With this I’d say January is OK and you should all shut up.


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