JAJAJA – not laughing in Spanish, but a party of Scandinavians (y)


It’s an exciting time for Berlin, do you want to know why Berlin? Ok I will tell you. JaJaJa is coming to our fair city and on the second Thursday of each month, hand-picking some of the finest new talent from the Nordic regions of the world and presenting them to us at FluxBau because they can.

To kick off with the Opening Night, they are bringing together 2 of our favs and one group we don’t know (appear to like on Facebook..?) but would like to meet and probably get to know because: Hallochen. stranger !

The facts of the evening are as follows, the details of the acts playing are shortly there after, my dad’s in town from Monday onwards but maybe I’ll bring him because #YOLO !

DOORS: 20:00
COST: 5€ JaJaJa-member/ 7€ non-member (get your membership here)


Girl crush to the maximum of all maximums. Literally there is nothing that Naomi Pilgrim can’t do – meaning SHE CAN DO EVERYTHING. She has sick hair, smiles with enthusiasm, pipes that work and a stage presence to boot. She is that sort of human I look at and want to be friends with immediately because I’m CERTAIN we would get along like a house on fire. That – and she once thanked me for being enthusiastic at her concert. You are very welcome Naomi, quickly let’s start a hashtag and braid each others hair.

I actually didn’t realize how much I liked Blaue Blume until I saw them at Reeperbahn Festival, true story. Yes – they have appeared on the blog a few times, but actually I wasn’t totally convinced – UNTIL that festival in Hamburg, with one too many vodka drinks under my belt and a gaggle of femmes gossiping about how love heart eyed wonderful Blaue Blume were.

It was the whole watching the team live that really turned me into a true “fan” and actually – I wouldn’t claim I’m so much of a fan of anyone.. Apart from Beyonce, and maybe Naomi Pilgrim – #BFF’s. So this is a thing, they are a thing – even if emotional rock/pop isn’t your thing, it will be.

So I have no idea what these guys sound like, because nothing returns for me on Spotify, Soundcloud or Youtube. However they are very pretty and I can only imagine that the sounds that come out of such pretty humans must be nice. Also, Øyvind Rones (who we have met on the blog before) once wrote “The most refreshing performance I have seen and heard from a Norwegian band in ages… Such beautiful pop music is hard to come by.” So they must be doing something correctly.


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