It's is officially Music Monday. {Wild Moccasins}


So – a guy I know (well, sort of know. Actually don’t know at all but this is beside the point) posted these kids on his facey as someone that was good at some festival he went to -blah! blue shirt, white shoe laces (yes I know, get on with it Lucy). ANYWAY – I had never heard of them – so went to their myspace, and I think they are a-ok. Sort of that indie/ folky stuff that is uber popular now and we’ll hear on quirky movies like Juno or whatever low budget cheeky flick is for the win.

GO – listen to them, they are sort of funny/lovely in a geeky, endearing, want to shake their faces off type way. (sidenote – using a lot of slashy// explanations today.. Apologies)

Band: Wild Moccasins

Album: Microscopic Metronomes

Another video – a clicky one, because wordpress is a hater.


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