It’s hump day, by default we should all feel sexy – thanks BASECAMP.


BASECAMPI’ll tell you what is so heavily back in rotation for me? Sexy RnB vibes. Much like our mate Bron will eat techno up for breakfast, lunch and dinner – I’m inclined to wrap my arms around a good bit of get low music.

I don’t know whether this is in the hope that I (in turn) do in fact get down, get low – or whether it’s just because that’s this years flavour.. Whatever the reason I don’t want this trend to stop.

Yesterday our other mate, Mereki Beach, posted BASECAMP’s Emmanuel to her Facebook. And ever since that moment, at 11:00PM last night, I think I have listened to this track about 7 times. I went to bed at 11:30, I woke up at 7A and since then have: showered, dressed, made coffee, met with a fridge man, discovered my fridge is kaputt and sat down to write this, it’s now 7:45. Not to state the obvious – but that’s a lot of listening.

Feeling this sexy on a Wednesday is probably less than ideal. But long hair don’t even give a fuck. Sometimes what it boils down to is necessity. And let me tell you what is necessary.

You hitting play on this song.



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