It’s almost that time of year.. may as well get a start on it.


Valentines day. I have never really cared for Valentines Day – and that could be that I never really have a Valentine. When I was at school you could send people roses – so I got those in high school when I think you are most scarred by these sort of Hallmark holidays. And then I grew up – and made my dad send me flowers. Which was always an ego boost at the work place – getting fabulous flower and a note saying “adore you, love X” I mean pretty fucking fabulous.

So I guess in a way I do care about Valentines Day.. Anyway, it’s coming up. And we may as well get in the spirit of it all. I mean you should really challenge these things head on.

Just found this number on my Soundcloud’s recently updated list, I think it’s pretty wonderful. Young Turks – always produce pretty major things. Jessie Ware and Sampha – never heard of, but I am loving. It’s warmed me, and I am commonly the ice princess.

Quick, strike while the iron is hot – I may even be moved.


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