It’s a COUNTDOWN – til I start my very own bike gang. YEAH – ride bikes and shit.


So this is the bike I am getting – HOPEFULLY – this Friday. They are in stock, and Mark and I are ready to go purchase (after pay day this Thursday). So now I’m starting  a bike gang. My very own. It will be called Lucy’s Pretty Sick Bike Gang – I sort of think it will just be me and Kristine, and maybe Alice. There are a few rules to my bike gang, Americans. They are the following:

  1. You must always wear a helmet – I don’t even care how retarded you think you look. You may in fact get hit by a car, and then actually be deemed brain dead. I’m pretty sure wearing a helmet is cooler than being brain dead
  2. If you are riding at night – you need a light – and I’m sort of advocating for those reflector vests – but they wont necessarily be mandatory.. Just looked kindly upon
  3. have a bell – this is like a must. and semi sassy. so get one.
  4. I need a few boys that will round out the group – but don’t be all “ride bikes bitches” or try and race me. I don’t care, you are probably faster than me – but I’m forming this group so I should be at the front.

I think that’s it for the minute. PUMPED.


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Femme of sass, sometimes.