It’s a bit 80’s revival – and I’m loving it.


I know, I know, I know – I always go over how songs make me feel. I get butterflies, I want to be in detention with a pack of social misfits, I need to be in a field with all my nearest and dearest, I want to be camping in the desert, I want to be by a pool with an alcoholic beverage housed in a coconut – it goes on. And sure, can we think of new and improved ways of talking music..?

Well no, I can’t. I am never going to use word such as carnal, verbose or visceral to describe music things. It’s not my style. I don’t want to talk down to the people, why would I want to isolate you with words I barely understand.. I don’t even care for your knowledge of them – it just feels like arsehole status.

So – I describe as I feel we can all relate. I wax-poetic, I romanticize – whether it be an afternoon at a pool, or summer spent camping. I’m positive you can imagine how it feels to sit by a fire on a warm night, surround by mates.. And if you don’t know what that is like – it is much easier to imagine, than imagining the definition of some arsehole word I didn’t use – to describe a song.

Alors, take it away imagination – we are thinking summer car rides, with non-functioning air conditioning – so you have to put the window down. It’s the middle of nowhere outback (country side) and it’s just driving – with the radio up loud. It’s singing out the window  – and knowingly having a “I could be in a movie right now moment, I think Natalie Portman would play me” – and friends, that is what Young Galaxy is,  full-stop, not just this song (We Have Everything) – but the whole goddamn album (Shapeshifting).

Embrace it.


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