It’s a 90’s REVIVAL! thanks for the inbox love Lizzy.


So I just got this in my facey inbox – being all “Do IT”. So I’m doin’ it doin’ it doin’ it, I’m postin’ it postin’ it postin’ it.

Now – you know I think this song is so epic, the OG version, that I’m not actually sure you could fuck it up.. Unless you tried to get all DJ on it – and then fucked it up – that might be possible.. I mean – this is like one of the greatest songs that ever came out of the nineties. FULLSTOP.

Listen to J*DaVeY cover Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit, and let it take you back..

To when you tried to rock black eyeliner, at 12..

*as a side note – if you like things, send them my way – I’ll listen.. Frankly – if I don’t like them, or can’t be bothered, I wont post. However – if you do send me shit – you better like my facebook page. That is like THE currency – for me putting in effort)


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