It makes my feet tap.. You?


So – story. About how fabulous I am, naturally. I went to this uber chic party in NY – international glamor, arty, creative types – I was at home (sort of).. It was my friend Liz’s party – she and her main squeeze have this friend – April Smith.

My introduction:

Liz: Lucy – this is April, Lucy writes that blog
April: oh – Lucy you write that blog – oh yeah
Liz: April sings – and is fabulous. a few weeks ago she was a high selling artist on iTunes between Lady Gaga and Britney.
Lucy: I’m going to put you on my blog. and then you will be famous (wishful thinking)

So now – I’m famous by association. Look at me. Don’t get too close, I’m a tainted famous person. Yes, the fabulous life of Lucy Jasper.. If only I were to live in New York, imagine how much sassier I would be. (Like 25%)

Listen to April, April, April – makes my little tiny, non-emotional heart get dizzy. Other fun fact – one of her songs was used for the Weeds┬áSeason 6 Teaser – SICK. click the word WEEDS to watch watch watch. X


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