Irina Werning – photo’s that make you smile


Isn’t she fabulous (she being Irina Werning)? I mean the idea is so simple – and yet – so GENIUS. I’m sure if you saw the 80’s photo’s of my sister and I it would be a hoot to re-do them. Although – I think the beauty of these photos is that these people still kind of look the same.. I’m not sure I look the same, at all. Like.. AT ALL.

These images came into view I think a week ago – I can’t remember how – perhaps through BOOOOOOOM – maybe.. But just now I was flicking through facey’s and a couple of mates had posted, and I thought, this needs to be posted. This needs to be blogged (dirty words, sorry). Because Irina.. You are fabulous. And if nothing else – your images make me smile.

Go on then HUMP DAY


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