INTERVIEW: Meet Sekuoia


Guys – meet Sekuoia. I’m not 100% sure if we have all been introduced before, but with him playing at the next JA JA JA Berlin night/ Scandinavian’s being more than OK, always/ the general cool music vibe we have going on here, I figure – perhaps it was a good idea to intro you.

Couple of facts you should know, because actually their socials are pretty sparse of info and the more you know:

  • Old mates real name is not Sekuoia, surprisingly enough. It’s actually Patrick Madsen.. Which is kind of surprising, considering…
  • He is Danish. This is probably the least Danish name I have ever heard. Really.
  • It’s all of 21 years old. Quickly, look at yourself in the mirror and ask what are you even doing with YOUR life.
  • He’s releasing an EP early next year, which doesn’t have a name.. YET !
  • That’ll be found on Humming Records for all you in the DACH regions of the world.

When old mate isn’t hiding his face with his hoody on top of some urban skyline or or brushing his auburn locks  you would probably find him talking about how real the struggle actually is, frequenting a cat cafe and matching his socks to his knickers because people really should take more pride in their appearance..

This next week Sekuoia will be visiting Berlin and playing as part of the monthly Ja Ja Ja Berlin night. We sent him some questions because #YOLO. He answered them because his PR made him.

Willkommen in Deutschland

LUCY: Who are you in 140 characters or less?
SEKUOIA: I’m Patrick Alexander Bech Madsen, living in Copenhagen and making music under the moniker of Sekuoia. I’ve lived in Düsseldorf and Detroit

L: Favourite food of all time?
Chilli con carne.

L: What’s the theme song to your life? Mine? (because I know you are desperate to know) I Wish – Skee Lo
S: Wheatus – Teenage dirtbag

L: You’re a tropical fruit – what are you? Why?
S: Papaya. I asked my roommate, he said I would be a papaya. Sounded like a good call to me

L: It’s the year 2040 – what do you hope is a thing? I’m voting on teleporting, because that would make my life as an Australian in Europe like 75% easier.
S: I’ve heard something about hover skateboards actually being a thing now, so I guess they would be affordable for the average person in 2040. So I’m hoping to see myself cruising on a hover skateboard like Marty Mcfly in 2040.

L: Would you rather battle 1 horse sized duck or one hundred duck sized horses? Discuss
S: Definitely the horse sized duck. Even though it would be big, it would still just be one, and it would be a duck. I would trick him with some bread crumbs and then make my move.

L: What’s your dirty musical secret – mine is Drake, always Drake.
S: Drake’s amazing. Shouldn’t be your secret. Guess mine is Alan Jackson. Hate his music and pretty much country music in general, but somehow I get around to listening to his stuff. Don’t quite know why.

L: You’re from a region that is colder than most – what’s your tip for  winter survival? I’m Australian  – I’m shitting myself.
S: I’m really bad at putting on enough clothes, and I’ve never had a proper winter jacket, but somehow I’ve managed the winters. I think it comes down to having on long johns, and really nice socks. So get the basics covered and you should be good.

L: In a) five words or less OR b) a gif, what can we expect from your set at JA JA JA? – whichever tickles you most, we would never say no to a clever explanatory .gif


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