INTERVIEW: Marybell Katastrophy


There is something Funky-Cold-Medina about Marybell Katastrophy. I’m not even entire sure what I mean by that. But like all good Nordic bands, they give me that special jazzy feeling – where I just want to let all inhibitions go, and dance with somebody you likes me more than the usual person.

I had no idea of the band until just recently, and I’m sort of glad they were popped on my radar. Marybell Katastrophy are that wonderful indie pop music I could just about wrap my hands around and from it shake the ENTIRE life. Somewhere Behind My Lips has particularly struck a cord with me, it’s magically soft and smooth – but with enough disco that it makes my shoulders shake and my insides soar.

Things I managed? An interview. Check that out after the jump and listen to Somewhere Behind My Lips below. It’s a free download on Soundcloud – get on that.

They are the dearest creatures, would rude not to.



LUCY: If you were a tropical fruit – what would you be?
MARYBELL KATASTROPHY: Even though our drummer Q is allergic to it, we would surely be an avocado. It ripens a long time after harvesting – just like a Marybell Katastophy album. You might enjoy it right after you purchase it – but it will grow even better with time.

LUCY: Do you have any guilty musical pleasures? – For example, my (current) dirty little secret is Mariah Carey.
MARYBELL KATASTROPHY: Hardly a ‘guilty’ pleasure, but still ABBA comes to mind – ABBA are geniuses! Does anyone feel guilty listening to ABBA?
When people give you a hard time about ABBA, always play them the song “The Visitors” – it sounds like modern indiepsych krautrock and you’re off the hook again.

LUCY: Drive a winnebago across America or tent your way around Norway?
MARYBELL KATASTROPHY: Crossing the rules here, but that would be driving a Winnebago across Norway. Modern comfort and the beautiful solitude of the Norwegian countryside. If you’d asked us ten years ago, we might have answered “tent our way around America”.

LUCY: Who is your spirit animal/ why?
MARYBELL KATASTROPHY: The whole concept of spirit animals waltzing around with people is super scary.
Our spirit animal would definitely be a Rhino, ’cause “There’s No Rhino In This Room”, meaning that either the Rhino is invisible or not present. Thats how you would prefer a Rhino companion anyway.

It’s also a song from our album, and this entire answer is a mindboggling subliminal commercial aiming to make the readers buy the album…

LUCY: If you could be one song from the 90’s – which would you be? I would be Shoop by Salt and Pepa. For no other reason than it was my favourite for a really long time/ still is.
MARYBELL KATASTROPHY: You would have to consider what impact you have on people. Even though Technotronic’s Pump Up The Jam, was originally released in 1989, the actual hit version came about in February 1990 and it forced everybody to have a good time on dance floors all over the world. So IT IS a 90’s song, and thats the song we would choose to be.
Great thing about that song is that everybody knows the lyrics, but no one actually understands them (we still dont) but it kinda makes sence, while you sing it and dance like a 1990 housemusicdancefloorboss!

LUCY: Who is your favourite American boy band?
MARYBELL KATASTROPHY: It would definitely be the sweet darling-boys of Sacramento, Death Grips. Those guys are so well dressed and the girls absolutely loooove them and somehow their boy band music doesnt really sound like other boy bands ;-) Every time someone puts on a Death Grips record, the boys from Marybell Katastrophy throws their shirts away and dance like there’s no tomorrow, so it is certain that the songs of Death Grips also appeals to boys.

LUCY: The world is ending, and you can slow dance with any random stranger who graces the earth – who do you choose?
MARYBELL KATASTROPHY: Well if the world should come to an end, we would never choose to slow dance. We are dedicated party people and would gather a bunch of people to do one last act of “chair dance” – you know, the one where you waltz around chairs and when the music stops you immediately sit down on a chair and the one that doesnt get a chair is out?

Of course we would welcome the opportunity to invite guests to the chair dance, and that guest list would look like this:

  1. Oliver Kahn +1
  2. Random sad girl who lost cell phone at a party
  3. Robot version of Nick Cave
  4. The new hard rock version of HEINO

LUCY: If you won a goldfish at a fair – what would you call it? Any profound meaning behind this?
MARYBELL KATASTROPHY: Marie Højlund (Marybell Katastrophy’s singer) is pregnant at the moment; so we are highly trained in suggesting names, but vaguely skilled in actually choosing a name. We are afraid that whatever name we choose for this imaginary goldfish could end up being the name of her unborn son. That is why we choose a female name (threat avoided) for the fish.
The goldfish will be named “Guldfisk”.

“Guldfisk” is in fact the word goldfish translated to danish. There’s something nice about calling stuff what it really is.

LUCY: On a daily basis what blows your hair back? (MEANING: what do you do for fun? Can’t be music related)
MARYBELL KATASTROPHY: We are food lovers, so the main thing to spend time doing (if you absolutely cannot make music) is making food, eating food or talking about food. Emil (Synth-player) actually built a pizza stone oven in his backyard, and we are very passionate about going there after rehearsal and creating wonderful and extravagant pizzas in the night. Last year he baked us a luxury pizza with freshly caught lobsters, for instance. That night was a good night.

LUCY: Tell us anything you deem relevant.
MARYBELL KATASTROPHY: We’re so very proud to release our newest album, AMYGDALA, in Germany on the 1. of March 8. of March.
We always considered Germany our second home, and we’ve been touring and harvesting German good times for almost 10 years now. It’s like visiting an old friend, who always greets you with open arms and sell you cheap but delightful beers, so we feel a strong bond with all you nice people. We sincerely look forward to see you all a lot in 2013 – preferably at a show sometime soon!


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