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Guys… HAVE YOU MET MANSIONAIR? I don’t know that you have, so your welcome. This is them. Hailing from the motherland (Australia) these lads are straight outta Compton Sydney and bringing you some dreamy production pop. Is that even a thing… I’m not sure it is – but Hold me Down (feat Revier) is ticking all the right/ sexy boxes.

I was first clued into this duo by our mate Nicolas over at Camels & Lions – and from there – I got nosey. As we have already established, 2014 is the year we are highlighting some of the talent from my land down under – so say G’day to Lachlan and Alex. Below as well as the aforementioned song, you will find 10 short Q&A’s I threw at the boys, largely about nothing. Yeah, your Monday…

Just got 25% better.


LUCY: We are all on an deserted island – it’s awesome, there is water, food and all that boring stuff people normally opt to bring for “survival” to a deserted island – you can carry three things, what’s in your rucksac?
LACHLAN: I’d probably bring a laptop, all episode/seasons of Seinfeld, Doctor Who and Parks and Recreation and Terry Crewes for conversation
ALEX: Drumsticks, soccer ball and the voice of James Vincient McMorrow

LUCY: If you were an Australian animal, which would you be – and why?
LACHLAN: Without a doubt a kangaroo, I know it’s an obvious choice but I would love to run around fly kicking anyone without consequence.
ALEX: Flying fox….because I would be a FLYING FOX

LUCY: Would you prefer to fight 100 duck sized horses, or 1 horse sized duck?
LACHLAN: I think i could move quicker than a horse sized. It’s all about speed right? Get around it and hit it from the behind. Or bring a harness and tame the thing.
ALEX: 100 duck sized horses, couldn’t handle a duck that big.

LUCY: What’s your dirty musical secret – mine is Drake, always Drake.
LACHLAN: I just turned 22 and for about a week my friends played that ’22’ song by Taylor Swift to me non-stop. I caught myself singing it on the bus the other day and these high-school kids were staring and laughing.
ALEX: Don’t mind Bieber’s new track ‘All that matters‘… no regrets

LUCY: Boring question: Who’s your favourite/ most under-rated act in Australian music, RIGHT NOW – this second?
LACHLAN: There are so many awesome acts in Australia at the moment, ‘Revier’ (who sung on our track) have one of the coolest live shows I’ve seen in a while. I’d put my money on them to blow up really soon.
ALEX: Hiatus Kaiyote

LUCY: If you could be one toy from your childhood – which would you be? I would be a Ninja Turtle – mostly because those were the only toys we owned, apart from lego.
LACHLAN: I used to have an old school He-Man figurine. No joke, I took that guy everywhere. I remember the day I lost his axe. Still stay up some nights thinking about it.
ALEX: Buzz Lightyear, the boy’s got skills

LUCY: You can only drink water and one other drink for the REST OF YOUR LIVES – what’s the other beverage?
LACHLAN: That’s an easy one, coffee, coffee everyday. It’s been my lifeblood for so long.
ALEX: Green Tea

LUCY: Who is your spirit animal/ why?…Mine is that Miley/ Nicholas Cage hybrid, because it’s Miley AND Nicholas Cage.
LACHLAN:To be honest, my spirit animal would whatever the exact opposite of that Miley/Nicholas Cage hybrid. So whatever that is. Maybe Bill Nye?
ALEX: Lachlan.

LUCY: If you were a music group from the 90′s what would you be and why?
LACHLAN: I used to be in love with Hanson. Mum let me grow my hair super long like theirs when I was a kid and I insisted on being called ‘Lachlan Hanson’. Mmmbop was my happy jam.
ALEX: Counting Crows, awesome music, awesome dreds.

LUCY: Tell us anything you deem relevant.
MANSIONAIR: We literally took a break from writing our track to do this interview so we’re really excited to be getting more music out really really soon.



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