INTERVIEW: I will always love you, MS MR.


Guys – I’m dead. Like literally – I have spent the last 15m reading, and re-reading this interview with MS MR – and.. I-AM-DEAD.

I actually don’t know what there isn’t to love about these two.

  1. They are funny.
  2. They are pretty.
  3. Sound wonderful live, on the computer, in my headphones – fucking everywhere.

I feel like we have exhausted the fact that I am severely in love with them – but you know I don’t give a fuck. My perfect weekend away would be with me Beyonce and MS MR… MØ should for sure be there as well – because then that would be like a GURL CRUSH SANDWICH! I’d likely explode. You wanna know the best bit, like – of the right now ? This weekend we have and MS MR – both at Dockville, at the same time.. IF WE DON’T ALL BRO OUT I THINK I MIGHT CRY.

This year Nordic by Nature’s very own Steffi von Kannerman and Lucy vs. the Globe’s femme of sass (me, obviously) are off to Dockville. We are partnering up – not just with each other – but with the 25hours Hotel. Getting you all the good bits from the 2 day long musical extravaganza in Hamburg, the town famed for Fischbrötchen, prostitutes and that one time the Beatles visited.

So meet MS MR – they are charming – they are pretty – they are playing this weekend. If you are going, come along – we can drink beers together.

Play on, Playas.

If you were tropical fruit, what would you be/ why?
Lizzy: Dragon Fruit. Even as a fruit I could power clash with a hot pink leather like exterior and black and white polka dots on the inside.
Max: I’d be a lychee – crazy looking on the outside, delicious on the inside.

We are all on an deserted island – it’s awesome, there is water, food and all that boring stuff people normally opt to bring for “survival” to a deserted island – you can carry three things with you, what’s in your rucksac?
Max: Sweatpants, an ipod with all of musical history on it, and my mobile studio.
Lizzy: Autoharp, record player/collection, my closet

You can only drink water and one other drink for the REST OF YOUR LIVES – what’s the other beverage?
Max: A nice pale ale.
Lizzy: Whiskey ginger

If you were a music group from the 90’s what would you be and why?
Destiny’s Child, Garbage or No Doubt? DON’T MAKE US CHOOSE

What’s you musical guilty pleasure? Currently, mine is Whitney Houston “Step by Step” and “It’s not Alright but it’s OK” pretty specific, I’m aware.
Lizzy: We really want to dispel the idea of a guilty pleasure because if you like something why should you be embarrassed about it?! I LOVE the new Miley Cyrus single. YOU HEARD ME. (so do I Lizzy, so do I – Lucy)
Max: I’m proud of my love of all things Shakira – I’ve been dancing around to She Wolf this morning…the Spanish version.

Who is your spirit animal/ why? Mine is Nicholas Cage.
Max: Robyn – she dances, writes and dresses pretty much exactly like I want to. She’s pretty much the ultimate lychee.
Lizzy: Connie Britton as Tammy Taylor in Friday Night Lights…. too specific? Hahaha

The world is ending – you can kiss any human who has graced the planet earth, who do you choose to lock lips with and why?.. YOU ARE LIMITLESS!
Lizzy: The drummer in the band Pond *swoon* I’m blushing just thinking about it.
Max: Probably Ricky Martin…make my preteen fantasies come true.

Would you prefer to fight 100 duck sized horses, or 1 horse sized duck?
Lizzy: 1 horse sized duck – that seems significantly more manageable to me… for absolutely no reason.
Max: I agree – it seems easier to focus. Although an angry duck is a pretty terrifying thing…

Not to be a creep – but you (Lizzy) are in my top 3 femme crushes on the planet earth (you are in good company – and Beyonce are your competition) – who are your femme crushes, and why?
Lizzy: !!! Thank you. Wow. I’m flattered just to live in the same world as Beyonce let alone in your top 3 lady loves! I have a few female crushes myself: Karen O, Debbie Harry, Gwen Stefani and more currently Chloe Norgaard. Because they’re all bad ass bitches!

I’m going to be at Melt! with my mate Bron Dockville with my mate Steffi, wanna grab drinks – why…. or why not?
Lizzy: up for it. Because I haven’t turned down a drink invitation yet ;)
Max: I took too long responding to this interview…but always game in the future! (this is the future, I will see you at Dockville – Lucy)



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