INTERVIEW/ GIVEAWAY: The circus is in town… Meet Elliphant.


I’ll tell you what happened this week? My birthday. But as well as my birthday – we interviewed Elliphant. Probably you all know Elliphant, she is kind of a big deal. From what I 75% know, because mostly I just make these facts up:

  • Elliphant’s real name is Ellinor Olovsdotter – FACT
  • She is from Sweden – FACT
  • She was a model – 75% FACT
  • Ellinor is one year younger than me, and 1000x prettier – FACT and subjective
  • She likes the Rasta/ Dub Step vibes – FACT
  • Elliphant is in concert in Berlin, TOMORROW – FACT FACT FACT

I’m not sure if I have tickets to giveaway for this shindig, it’s still TBC I have 1×2 tickets AND a plus one to giveaway for this shindig, as when I cornered Bron about coming her response was….

“I’m not sure. Maybe. I’m a bit like ‘You’re a really hot Scandinavian girl, why you
be talking dat language that rings and tings and dings?’.. You know?”
– Bron Trueman, 24th September 2013

So – she’s been un-invited. Tomorrow night (Thursday 26 September) your mate Elliphant will be singing her little Scandinavian-Rastafarian heart out at Prince Charles. Want more info? Head to the Facebook event page. Wanna go? You can buy tickets here. Wanna win them? I have a 1×2 and my +1 that I’m giving away. Come to a concert with me, the Ponies, Nordic by Nature AND SO MANY OTHERS?!

Winning is simple-as, just tweet me a link to your most favourite Reggae OR Dubstep track of all time – being sure to include @lucyvstheglobe, @elliphantmusic AND a link to this post at the end, so we catch it.

It’s going look a little something like this:

You have pretty hair Lucy, gift: FAVOURITE REGGAE OR DUBSTEP SONG OF ALL TIME @lucyvstheglobe @elliphantmusic LINK TO THE POST

Shoot me the tweet before MIDDAY September 26th – and you will go into the running for 1×2 tickets, or to be my +1. All tweets will get a re-tweet, you will be momentarily famous among my 650+ fan base – EVERYONE’S A WINNER!

Check the interview below. Remarkably we touch on hard hitting topics such as the medical industry, fostering nature for our future and Eminem – how this happened, I don’t really know – but it did. And I’m OK with it!


LUCY: If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would you eat/ why?

L: It’s the year 2040 – what do you hope is a thing? I’m voting on teleporting, because that would make my life as an Australian in Europe like 75% easier.
E: Use the nature in the best way to get the society to work. Respect the nature. Realize how strong nature is and use its power in a good way.

L: It’s the year 1995 – what song is on solid repeat? Mine is TLC – Waterfalls.
E: Smack my bitch up

L: Favourite gif gift of all time? (Ellinor doesn’t have a fav gif, if anyone is buying her a gift for her birthday on Oct 10, she would like….)
E: A lava-lamp

L: If you were to star in a movie from your childhood, which movie would it be/ what character would you play – why?.. I’m 95% sure I’m Sebastian The Little Mermaid..
E: Lilu in iffy element – it has everything that movie. (I think we are going with Lilu – the Fifth Element, unless iffy element is an underground Scandinavian movie which Google can’t find – Lucy)

L: If you could befriend any pop star on the planet earth, whose your chosen BFF? Mine is Beyonce – because.. I don’t even know that I need to back that up.
E: Eminem!

L: You’re a tropical fruit – what are you? Why?
E: Lychee – sharp on the outside, soft and purple/pink on the inside.

L: What’s the theme song to your life? Mine? (because I know you are desperate to know) I Wish – Skee Lo
E: Smack my bitch up! Ha ha.

L: If you could be a moment in history, when are you?
E: Survive the Titanic!

L: Tell us something you seem relevant.
E: Medical companies, what they’re doing, nobody takes responsibility for broken hearts and broken spirits. The people with ADHD and other issues or legal drugs. That’s important to discuss!



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