Indie rock feelings, with a smidge of grunge nostalgia.. what?


Oh to feel hopeful. It’s nice isn’t it..? I was having this conversation with a bona fide hipster the other day, who argued that hipsters are not what hipsters are.. Does that make sense? What we lovingly refer to as hipsters are actually grunge.. They have dirty hair, and wear kind of dirty looking/ bland clothing – like they don’t care.. Hipsters care, are immaculate, and probably wear that latest trends.. So I would think yuppies are hipsters.. in this day and age..

Anyway – this song by Gardens & Villa makes me feel perfectly indie, and sort of grungy in parts – which is weird because towards the end, I feel like it gets all 80’s social misfits’esque (THINK: the Breakfast Club)…

and that isn’t very Nirvana, now is it…? Listen


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