Inbox lovin’ from Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party


Pretty sure Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party’s (mouthful – TLGLTP) latest number is about a threesome with a German mate.. Awkward, but into it. It actually feels like my life? Minus the threesome for the minute.

Robin is poppy, light, and delicious’ly one of those tunes you could just spin quietly in circles to. You know – arms out, head back – until you fall over from being too dizzy. That’s this, right here. And then there’s the lyrics – which frankly I’m still yet to get my head around, entirely.

It might just be my current life with lines like “My friend told me all this confusion will end once we arrive in Berlin” but I’m still confused and I’ve been in Berlin for what feels like ages. I’m hoping in some small and entirely naive way that Robin manages to predicts my life.

Mostly because it’s emotionally exhausting, and I wish it just wasn’t.


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