I’m seasonal – I respond to seasons. So what does this mean..


When your city doesn’t really go through seasons..? I mean – I am forever dreaming of summer. This wasn’t always the case – in Australia, I would dream of winter also – towards the end of summer. I would dream of heavy jackets, and thick scarves. But now that I live in a city that barely has a summer or a winter – I just dream of summer. The heat on my skin – a BBQ by a river, a beer on the beach – I could be at Prahran Public Pool for christsake – in a one piece, ready to do laps – but the dream remains the same – and that is for summer.

I don’t know whether I should consider moving cities – to get summer AND winter.. or whether I should just invest in more travel and thus get weekends of summer. But this is becoming a problem.

The reason this is becoming more of an issue – is because the music I am listening to at the moment – has very summery undertones. This accompanied by photos from home, with my babes of mates – lolling about on beaches, in sun dresses – in fabulous hats, sunglasses, flip flops – and I wish it could just be me. I don’t want to leave the US – but I would really like to do the Oprah Winfrey type thing – and transport all of you (that actually mean squat) to the motherland – do a summer tour, hit Indonesia, just for a taste of Asia – and then head back.

I’m a girl who can tan – so stop putting me in a box San Francisco┬á(below find my luscious numbers that make me dream of summer)


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