I’m going to take it head on and whatever, let’s rumble Shoulder Day.


This is the my morning jams, for the day – lovingly refered to as Shoulder Day (see previous post as a refresher)

Few notes on the Tuesday playlist, because I’m sort of obsessing over all these songs and normally would do a singular post – but today, I need a playlist. So a playlist is what I’m (slash YOU are) getting.

  1. Baths – so fucking dreamy. Fav bit – is around 1:45, “b-b-baby lovely blood flow” DREA-MY
  2. Moon Holiday – I love an Australian accent when in song. Texan and I figured this could be a sense of nostalgia for the place I call home.
  3. Kids of 88 – New Zealand, I know there is supposed to be some retarded rivalry between the two of us – but you know what, eff that. I claim you – as my people. And I would hope you would claim me as yours. I’m obsessing over this song cause it feels totally dirty. Not like Christina Aguilera Dirty – but you know. And – generic reason – this music outfit describes themselves as “a slutty new wave/electro group (via sleazy basslines and sweaty suggestive innuendos)” Stop. IT.
  4. Tanlines – this shit just makes me happy as a pig in shit. Enough said. And Luke Jenner is pretty fucking fab in this too. Props etc.
  5. Win Win – never heard before. Makes me think of fantasy dance parties. Somewhere where they don’t speak English – it’s hot, and there are possible fire dancers. Imagination – it’s a beautiful thing.
  6. Sutja Gutiérrez – It perfectly rounds of my list of 6. To then hit play.. again.. and again. (and again..) Adore. A. Good. Spaniard


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