I’m as proud as punch, of our mate – Mereki Beach


So – you know, people send me bidness all the time, I stumble across things all the time, I generally just locate music – all the time. And mostly I find it, like, one of those things that I can just write about and it’s a piece of cake, because I crap on about nothing in particular, and the people – I don’t know them – so how easy is that.

Well today – my mate, your mate, Spreecast’s mate – Mereki Beach released a ditty. I have hit play 3 times now, and I cannot wipe the smile off my face. You know when you describe people as sunshine – because that is just what they are, they are a little ray of summer bursting into your life – that is our mate Mereki, that is exactly how she makes you feel.

Giving us Blue Lake with a little (slash probably a good amount of) input from her producing mate Jeremiah – I could literally sink into Miss Beach’s delicious vocals – for at least another 10 repeats, if not more.

Y’all are gonna have to watch this space, and NEVER FORGET when femme and I used to tell you what was up.

On the regular occasion, slash (semi annoyingly) daily X



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