I’m about to get all Nigella up on this night.


*dramatization of current cooking scenario – it is actually more like this..

So it’s a Saturday evening – and what am I doing..? Well thus far I have:

  1. Been food shopping
  2. Been booze shopping
  3. cleaned out the fridge and the freezer
  4. taken the trash out (twice)

Now I am about to start prepping some food for a cocktail party I committed to cook for – out of the goodness of my heart. Now, friends.. I am quietly shitting myself RE: this function – and my culinary abilities. For the main reasons of:

  1. I work full time – when am I supposed to get this shit done
  2. It’s on a Thursday evening – so I have to have everything ready by 6p, but can’t org much over the weekend, because it needs to be fresh..
  3. Did I mention it’s for about 70 people..

Shitting myself.. Anyway – as a result of sickness this week, and this function – I am spending my Saturday night in – prepping what I can – which is not very much – and drinking wine.

This is like break all of my personal sins – ALL being that you should rarely drink wine alone. Sure, it’s fine to drink a bottle to yourself if someone is there, and you have offered them a glass BUT they didn’t have any.. But, home alone – sinful.. It’s total alcoholic status.

And you know it’s sort of not kosher to spend nights in when you are single. I mean I really should be out there – being sassy with all the boys. When you are single, and you stay in – I may as well buy 4 cats and call it a life.. But when coupled and staying in – that’s sort of adult, almost envy worthy..

Remember think of me all you Saturday night go-er’s, with all that sassing and bountiful pashing and dashing.



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