ILOVEMAKONNEN’s “Tuesday”, the dissertation.. sort of?


Have you ever really wondered what ILoveMakonnen’s song Tuesday was really all about? Probably not, because you thought it was just about getting drunk on a Tuesday. Personally, I have been trying to justify my boozy Tuesday lifestyle by claiming there is much more to it than what it appears.

So in lieu of old mate visiting Berlin to perform at Prince Charles on June 30th (a Tuesday)….

I took notes.

“Ain’t got no motherfuckin’ time to party on the weekend”

WHO HAS TIME TO PARTY ON THE WEEKEND?! Not me. Between getting my Kaufland shop in on a Saturday and your general life admin, which revolves around shops being active (haircuts, knickers shopping, late brunches) who really has time to really party on the weekend? The moment I spend an entire day in bed due to late night shenanigans – wasteful depression sets in. Wednesdays feel like a much better day to reflect these emotions – it’s already one of the worst days of the week as it is.

“Shit is crazy back home, it kills me that I’m not around” –

Most people have a housemate; drama – am I right? Probably not, because I don’t have one – but to be fair things being crazy back home could relate to anything and when it’s crazy – the only logical response is a drink, as far away from any and all problems as possible. The work-men in my courtyard 6 days a week from 7A – drink. The never-ending dust that settles in my apartment no matter how often I clean – drink. My o2 Internet service NEVER WORKING, and those arseholes NEVER properly fixing it – drink.

“And when I’m puttin’ work in on a weekend, I’ll look back on this and think how we had the club going up”

When you are upsad about how busy life is, you always have Tuesdays. Really – you should never forget this. I guess not just for Tuesdays sake, but for any day. When life is busy – just remember the good times (poetic, isn’t it?)

“Got your girl in the cut and she choosey”

Ok – so here’s the thing about going out on a night when not many people are going out: it’s less competitive in a game playing sense. Yes, ok maybe this means that the femmes are a little hard to get – but there aren’t like 1000 other guys getting in and around that business. Silver linings, got some.

“Workin’ Monday night, on the corner flippin’ hard”

Disclaimer: I am not selling drugs on a corner on Mondays but in a very general sense, I’m pretty tired at the end of a Monday – because Monday really is the busiest day of my week.

“I don’t think that I should dance, I’m just gon’ have another drink”

Compartmentalise your days – nay your life ! Probably it’s a bad idea to put yourself in a box, but honestly you will get more things done correctly if you just focus on one thing rather than spreading yourself too thin being a jack of all trades, master of all things. In this instance – we are drinking focused not dancing. But really it’s a life take away – thanks Makonnen.

“My P.O. think I’m in the house, don’t give a damn ’bout what she think” –

In a very making water from wine sense (we are talking symbolism here people, keep up) we are referring to any sense of authority – a boss, a parent, a controlling boyfriend/ girlfriend (if the latter is your reality – run). In a very biblical sense – old mate is channeling the Honey Badger. Not one fuck is given, nor should be, because the party’s goin’ up….

It’s all pretty compelling stuff – so, what are you doing not this Tuesday but the next? More details can be found on the Facebook event page, or just get your tickets here.


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