I’ll tell you what is shit hot? A WD My Passport (WIRELESS) hard drive.


Weeks and weeks and weeks ago your mate Bron and I went to an event for WD as part of IFA – world’s most giant (maybe?) tech expo – which was bringing us the new and improved version of the My Passport hard drive. To be fair, I really need a hard drive, actually everyone needs a hard drive because #selfies, #halfies, #yolo, #fomo etc. But I REALLY needed a hard drive – so the general thought here was, hit the event, eat a finger sandwich, find out about a hard drive, go home.

And then, the general thought was – tech event? And again – West Berlin…? And again…. Tech people? That was until we were picked up in a stretch limo from our front door in Neukölln, taken to the most SCI-FI building in the West, promptly given a glass of Weißwein, bitte and all the bread – which was pretty indulgent for all involved because I’m forever trying not to eat so much bread and Bron is gluten intolerant – YOLO !


Among all the glam that was this event – which actually was one of the funnest nights of Berlin Music Week (running at the same time but in no way related – hey, and no offense Berlin Music Week) we got a WD Passport hard drive, which rivals all the shitty, poopy hard drives because “look mum, no hands !” – IT’S WIRELESS.

This year I have been to Australia, Denmark, Prague, Hamburg, and  all over Turkey – cool things about all the travel? Firstly – culturally I’m better than you. Secondly – earlier this year I got a fancy new Canon camera with all the bells and whistles (thanks mum). Shit things? Actually there are a handful, so let me lay them out for you:

  1. My computer is too full so all the photos I took with said camera – I couldn’t transfer.
  2. My computer hasn’t been backed up since I bought it (circa Feb 2012), so it seems it has an STD of the computer world
  3. My computer (that bitch) corrupted my SD card
  4. My SD card is now not recognizing on any piece of hardware I own.

After 1000€’s worth of travel, I have a roll of instagram pics and maybe a handful of really good photos I was able to save to my computer before it shit itself from being fat. Yep – shit.

So – for every person who has ever lost a phone (Bron), broken a camera (Bron), or crashed a computer (Bron) – you need a hard drive. For every person who goes on holidays (Bron and Lucy), has a kid (no, neither of us), thinks they are a fashion blogger (Lucy, sometimes) – you need a hard drive. Really – it’s like 101 of life. I haven’t had a working hard drive in two years and I currently feel like the Bridget Jones of 2014.

Because we are cool and funny and pretty and WD is super generous and nice and someone you would want to be friends with if you could in fact make friends with a technology company – we are giving away one of these My Passport Wireless numbers. They are fucking brilliant, and here is why:

  • It’s wireless – on the top of a mountain, need to back up? You can do that (y)
  • It can become a Internet hub for you and all your mates – because #YOLO
  • It’s password protected – ain’t nobody getting their hand on your nude selfies.
  • It can be managed through an app – with no cords, no weird URLS…Just an app. Seriously – life is nuts in 2014.
  • It has 6 hours of streamable battery life.. That’s like 3+ movies in a row, or… 15 episodes of Bob’s Burgers. AKA a lot of entertainment.

To win? It’s super easy.

Step 1: Like this post.
Step 2: Head to this link.
Step 3: Give us your details.

You have until the 16th October to enter, and really…

 …why the fuck wouldn’t you?



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