I’ll Passion your Pit in a minute..


So – in Australia we have this syndrome, called the tall poppy syndrome. For those of you that aren’t aware of what this is, it is when people get pumped up, they do an awesome job – and then you bring them down. For example:

Lucy loses 20lbs, everyone says – “Hey congrats Lucy you look AWESOME” but they will also say “I’m surprised her bum is still that big”..

See how it works..? So – This is how I feel that my friends are about Passion Pit. We saw them at Coachella – I thought they were great, I mean there sound is kind of unique – so to get up on a stage and have to replicate what you hear on your iPod, is likely not going to happen – I get that.. Seems my mates didn’t and were all “Passion Pit sucks RARARRAH”

Because of this, I went off Passion Pit a bit – I mean it doesn’t help they haven’t released anything in a while – but I went off them nonetheless, because I sat there trying to make sense to people the realities of life. SO – I haven’t thought about them in ages.

And then TODAY – we have a bit of re-re-re-re-remix from Germany Germany of one of my favorite Passion Pit songs. And this makes me pretty happy. Pretty excited about life in general. We have a pretty mild day going on here in SF with some sunshine, I am about 12 days out from Coachella, which means I am about 15 days out from Australia. I have lost track of my savings – so it seems I will be in struggle city when I go home. But instead of going through moments of NEG (new readers, please see Em and Sid’s post on moments of NEG) – I just don’t give a shit.

There is only so much you can do about your finances – and sometimes, throwing caution to the wind and having a good time is what you need to do. And that is how this remix makes me feel – I feel like I should just spend money and have a good time.

Thank you Drew (AKA Germany Germany) and Passion Pit – for sponsoring my consumerism…

And (in a round-about way) supporting the US economy.


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