Ifan Dafydd makes clever disco a daily thing


Ifan DafyddThe last two times I have posted Ifan Dafydd was simply on the Facebook page. And since his tracks have been on solid repeat in my headphones, I thought it was worth a post… Just incase you aren’t watching the book as carefully as one should.

Everyone said it would happen upon moving to Berlin, they said that disco would slowly take over – and slowly take over it has. I don’t know whether it’s because this production vib’ing music is what is becoming the music du jour, or whether it’s because I’m “changing”. Whatever the reason, I’m not complaining. Disco enhances the mood 25% more than any old deary guitar anthem – bring on clever production!

I really know nothing about old mate Ifan Dafydd – pronounced: ee-van da-vith. He has been endorsed by our long time fav Jamie XX; seems to have been around since 2011; Location – UK somewhere. He’s a bit of a mystery – and Lord only knows, femmes love a good mystery.

Llonydd is the track, it features the dreamy pipes of Alys Williams. And it makes my shoulders shimmy all the way to the office.

Everything is right with that – EVERYTHING.



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