I <3 Jessie Ware (and Joker..)


UK Producer Joker has a new track out featuring Jessie Ware (above) AND it is semi epic. I’m not even sure what else I can say. I used to be full on into electronic themed music – and then I sort of got over it, and moved onto the more indie varieties – which sounds completely ridonk, but it’s true.

Anyway – just sourced “The Vision (Let Me Breath)” (song name – obvs.) over on my facey feed and it has made me feel all sorts of dancy. I had a reasonably big day yesterday on the sauce – and have been feeling nay 100% on this glorious Monday. Until I peaked this one.

We have covered Jessie Ware before – and frankly I think she is just so uber delicious, it makes my little music heart weak.. She seems to collaborate on the sickest shit – and that makes me uber happy because sometimes you get cool kids doing wack stuff – and it’s not OK. but this is more than OK…

It’s kind of heavy – but I am obsessing over it.


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