I wish Work Drug was stuck in my head


All the way in Europe this song is on repeat in my mates head, I got a message telling me so, and I’m sort of jealous. I would love it if Work Drugs was stuck in my head. All I can do is hit repeat. And hitting repeat is what I will do.

I do love the video for Work Drugs “Blue Steel”, Kim Cattrall is a babe – like seriously, a babe. If I could have her body, I think I would drop dead. She has epic baby boobs, and skinny little arms. I have never wanted epic tits of the big variety – you can’t wear anything. I mean – you can’t go backless, front-less, topless sun-baking is mostly inappropriate.. Bring on baby boobs.

Anyway – music! Listen to this, check out cute Kim Cattrall from the 80’s – and just sway away.


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