I need to stop looking at Jetsetter


It makes me feel all sorts of inadaquate.

  1. I realise I need to earn more money to go on all the holidays
  2. I need more time off – to go on these holidays
  3. most of the deals are fabulous island getaways – or perhaps those are the only ones I am interested in, and I feel like you need a male friend in tow – to really enjoy these holidays
  4. bathers are required for these holidays – and I am no where near beach body status. NO WHERE
  5. I desperately need these holidays because I haven’t seen the sun in almost 2 years
  6. I can’t wear a bikini because my skin is so white, it will likely burn your eyes (vicious cycle)

What a disaster. All I want is a sexy island get away, but with no beau in sight, no body of a godess present, and little $$ in my bank account – I just don’t know how to make this work.

Being me is so goddamn hard.


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